Memorial Hall "Sakuraen"


Founded in 1625, Sakurmasamune is a well-known sake brewery with a history of nearly 400 years. The brewery uses the sake rice produced in Hyogo Prefecture "Yamada Nishiki" and locally available groundwater to make ginjoshu and junmaishu of the highest quality. This water called "miyamizu" and being vital to sake production in Hyogo was discovered by the 6th head of the family Tazaemon Yamamura. Sakuramasamune has thus made significant contributions as a pioneer to sake brewing in the areas of Nada.

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01 Exhibits which tell a story of the brewery's long history

A great line-up of exhibits is displayed in this Memorial Hall which can only be viewed there. This includes valuable video presentations of traditional sake-making processes, tools used which tell about Sakuramasamune's 400 years history of sake brewing, old time signboards, sake bottles and labels. In addition to the introduction of traditional sake production, there is a brewery restaurant where you can enjoy meals from a casual lunch to a full-course Japanese cuisine. Also available are a shot bar named "Sanbai-ya" where you will see a beautiful solid timber countertop, and even a café. Enjoy a nice relaxing time here after you have learned about the history and culture of sake-making.

01 "Daiginjo Ouka Ichirin"
- very soft to the palate

"Yamada Nishiki" is known as the best variety of rice for making sake. The brewery uses "Yamada Nishiki" of the highest quality produced in Yokawa-cho of Hyogo Prefecture. Their "Daiginjo Ouka Ichirin" is produced by their highly skilled traditional brewers using this particular "Yamada Nishiki" which is milled to 35% of their original size and the special water "miyamizu." Open a bottle of "Daiginjo Ouka Ichirin," and a rich and gorgeous aroma will flow out. Take a sip of this sake from your glass to enjoy its mildly sweet flavor as it spreads on your palate. Drink it cold or at room temperature.

01 Make your original bottle

"Shop Sakurakura" situated on the ground floor sells not only the sakes made by Sakuramasamune but a number of original products which you will find only in this shop. Don't miss the tasting of unpasteurized sakes there (offered for a fee). In addition, you can also create your "original sake label" using your own photos. Take your photos upstairs in the exhibition section, and they will develop them on the spot to create your original sake label. It is very popular among visitors as you can make an original sake bottle for you and your loved one which is the only one in the world.

Sakuramasamune Memorial Hall "Sakuraen"

Address 4-3-18 Uozaki-minamimachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe View in Map

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A five-minute walk from Hanshin Railway Uozaki Station


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