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Osawa Honke Shuzo (Takara-Musume)

Founded in the city of Sakai in 1770 (mid-Edo period) , this is now the only brewery with a wooden sake-brewing plant in the Nishinomiya district as their wooden plant was the sole survivor of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. The brewery’s adherence to their hand-making approach to preserve their taste, in contrast to the trend toward mechanization in the current sake brewing industry, is based on their wish to inherit and maintain their spirit of offering their undiluted, pure and fresh “choice sake for kurabito (sake brewer workers)” to as many people as possible, according to the brewery. In the midst of the sake-brewing season, visitors can view how the brewery makes sake using their traditional method, a precious enjoyment which is very popular among visitors. Why not come and enjoy the brewery tour and buy their valuable sake which is a fruit of their unstinted time and effort?

Address Higashimachi 1-13-28 Nishinomiya City View in Map

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A 20-minute walk from Hanshin Railway Nishinomiya Station

Mandai Osawa Jozo (Tokuwaka)

This is a sake brewery known to those in the know in the local area. Mostly sold directly at the brewery, their “Seishu Tokuwaka” is known as genshu containing absolutely no added water,, boasting a rich sake taste and flavor. “Shizuku-zake,” in particular, is the most valuable genshu (undiluted sake) obtained by collecting only natural drips of sake from moromi (the state of fermenting mash before sake-lees are separated) with no pressure being applied. “Shizuku-zake” is so popular that many regular customers are visiting the brewery with empty bottles in their hands to buy it. Obviously they are mesmerized by its precious taste which can only be produced through hand-making processes. Perhaps the right thing for you to do is to go out of your way to come and buy a bottle of this choice genshu.

Address Higashimachi 1-13-25 Nishinomiya City View in Map

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A 20-minute walk from Hanshin Railway Nishinomiya Station