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"Hakutsuru" - a brand name not only for sake (nihonshu) but for a wide range of other products including umeshu, liquors for cooking, wine, shochu and even cosmetic care products. The company's oldest brewery building in their main store (which had been in actual use until around 1970) was remodeled as a museum. Traditional sake-making process is precisely depicted using exhibits such as life-size figures so that visitors will easily understand what a brewery was like back in the old days and how sake is made from start to finish.

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Converted from a brewery building constructed in the early 1900s, the Museum offers realistic displays of sake-making process using life-size figures. Exhibits include “koji torikomi,” which is koji production in a hot and humidroom called “koji-muro,” for cultivating fine koji. Also, “moromi-jikomi,” where koji, steamed rice and water are stirred and ground. Another is “taru-zume,” which is putting sake in a cask, an important process prior to shipment. According to the brewery, the figures are so realistic that many people have their photos taken with them.. Do you like to post your photos to SNS such as Instagram? Then this museum is a must for you! Why not come and learn the sake-making process and create some good memories of your travels.

01 "Cho-tokusen Hakutsuru Tenku Fukurozuri Hakutsuru-Nishiki" - the sake containing lots of love

Going back again to the basics of sake-making, the brewery produced "Cho-tokusen Hakutsuru Tenku Fukurozuri Hakutsuru-Nishiki," the sake which symbolizes Hakutsuru's spirit in making sake. With a well-balanced fruity aroma and mellow flavor, and praised as standing at the top of the brewery's sake hierarchy, this junmai daiginjo is a product using state-of-the-art sake-making techniques and brewers' skills gained through their long experience and their unstinted time and effort. Their uncompromising determination has resulted in an absolutely superb taste. You can enjoy this taste created by more than 270 years of accumulated history.

01 A line-up of Hakutsuru's recommendation items

Visiting the sake tasting corner on the ground floor is a must. This is the only spot where you can try unique types of liqueur, such as “Nigori-umeshu,” Nigori-yuzushu” and “genshu of umeshu (undiluted umeshu).” According to the brewery, popular items sold at the shop include “Hakutsuru Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu – Kurazake” and umeshu. Cosmetic care products using sake are also available. Recommendations from the shop are “Tsuru-no- tamatebako Yakuyo Daiginjo-no Uruoi Cream,” a moisturizing cream containing junmai-daiginjo “Sho-un,” and “Tsuru-no- tamatebako Daiginjo-no Uruoi Keshosui,” a pump type moisturizing lotion. According to the shop, these products are extremely popular with ladies as they are highly effective in moisturizing skin. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab one, particularly if you are a lady who loves sake!

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You can take a commemorative photo of shouldering a sake keg with the Hakutsuru logo in the back.
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Proudly offering sake brewery's amazake *soft serve

Soft serve with refreshing addictive flavor. Top it with a bit of daiginjo, and this tasty soft serve will be even tastier says the shop staff.
* Fermented rice drink

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

Address 4-5-5 Sumiyoshi-minamimachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe View in Map

Opening Hours

* No entry after 4pm.
Obon (mid-summer holiday period), year-end & New Year holidays

A five-minute walk from Hanshin Sumiyoshi Station
Admission free


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