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Awarded the highest Gold Prize in the International SAKE Challenge 2017 (a world-renowned sake contest) was the junmai ginjo Fukuju. It was served at the Nobel Prize banquet held in the same year and established its global status. Here at Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan, you will learn about the history of this great sake Fukuju and the brewery's insistency to produce great sake. An elegant restaurant, specialty shop, a multi-purpose hall and more - they collectively form an attractive facility which only kuramoto (sake breweries) would be able to offer.

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01 Multi-language capability of Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan is highly appreciated by visitors from abroad.

Renewed in October 2016, brewery tour programs at Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan now provide visitors with a greater experience than ever before. This includes watching how sake is made through windows and detailed digital signage presenting the working atmosphere and insistence of the sake brewing process. A special attention has also been paid to the need to accommodate international visitors which have been increasing rapidly in the last few years. Brochures for visitors are now prepared in as many as 16 languages, including Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Thai. Video presentations are being offered in 4 languages in addition to staff with foreign language skills. The fascination of sake is communicated from here to the world.

01 "Kuradori Namazake" - daiginjo namazake (unpasteurized sake) which can only be tasted here.

Tasting of genshu, or sake with no added water (added water is to adjust alcohol content), is extremely popular among visitors as they can enjoy the pure flavor of sake. In response to the many requests from visitors to take genshu home, sales of "kura-jikadori namazake" (unpasteurized sake fresh from a sake tank) was started. Carefully brewed Fukuju genshu, (which is kept during the best suitable drinking condition) is obtained from a sake tank by qualified sake experts called sakasho and sold to visitors by measure - an experience which you would enjoy nowhere else. Other types of "kura-jikadori namazake" which can only be enjoyed in a particular time of a year are also offered. This includes the "Nada-no-ki-ippon junmai namazake" boasting its rice-based umami and rich flavor, the refreshingly aromatic "ginjo nama-genshu," and the elegant and gorgeous "daiginjo namazake." Others are the nigorizake (cloudy sake) and sake made by a traditional and natural sake making method called kimoto-zukuri.

01 The shop sells rare souvenir items offered only through a sake brewery.

The Museum Shop offers a variety of items, such as rare food products collected from all over the country as well as the brewery's original sweets. The sake-flavored sweets unique to the brewery will make superb gifts for you to take home. The shop also has a collection of non-food items, such as sake drinking sets, tableware and Japanese sundried goods made from sake cotton bags. It also introduces ways to enjoy sake, including table settings suited to each season. You can be fully satisfied and enjoy refreshments such as the Shu-Shin-Kan specialty sweet and tea set. Sake tasting is also offered in the shop. So why not come and find the "Fukuju" of your choice?

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Shu-Shin-Kan Hall

This is the multi-purpose hall which can accommodate up to an audience of around 150. It is suitable for concerts, exhibitions and seminars.


Restaurant Sakabayashi

This is the wood-built restaurant with an atmosphere of a sake brewery. You can enjoy fine sake with locally grown season vegetables and selected homemade tofu or soba.

Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Brewery

Address 1-8-17 Mikage-tsukamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe View in Map

Opening Hours

Year-end & New Year holidays

An eight-minute walk from Hanshin Railway Ishiyagawa Station


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