Hakushika Memorial
Sake Museum


Established in 1982 celebrating the 320th anniversary of the brewery’s foundation, the museum comprises “Brewery Hall” which displays a reproduction of the sake brewing process from the Meiji to the beginning of the Showa period and “Memorial Hall” which exhibits valuable information about Japanese sake. Also displayed based on the entrustment by Nishinomiya City is “Sasabe Sakura Collection,” a collection of information and items relating to sakura gathered by Shintaro Sasabe. Located next to the museum is “Hakushika Classics” – a facility combining a restaurant unique to the brewery and a shop selling a wide range of items related to sake. You can enjoy sake as much as you like in every corner of the facility.

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01 Sake museum showing a long history

“Brewery Hall” was built utilizing a sake vault constructed in 1869, where the realistic reproduction of the sake brewing process is shown using life-size figures along with a display of sake making tools. You can try those tools, enjoy video presentation of how sake is made and listen to sake making songs as well in this hall. Also, a vat destroyed during the Great Hanshin Earthquake is exhibited, by which you can see the severity of the damage. In the “Memorial Hall,” literature and artifacts pertaining to Japanese sake are displayed. Here, you will perhaps find many things which are new to you.

01 Hakushika's persistency to Sake

Hakushika’s belief is “sake is not something you make, it’s something you raise,” according to the brewery. The critical ingredients of their sake include the famous water called miyamizu and fine quality rice, nature’s blessing such as Rokko-Oroshi (wind from Rokko), and microbe. It is important to carefully grow koji malt and yeast with love and affection, as it will grow to better tasting sake. Among many types of sake they brew with such persistency, this shop sells items which are only available there. ”Hakushika Classics Nishinomiyago Daiginjo Namachozoshu” is one of them. Trying the fruity aroma and fresh taste of this sake is a must.

01 “A feeling of a little luxury” using Japanese sake

Pilot store which has many kinds of food items and sake sold uniquely from a sake brewery.
You shouldn’t miss in particular namazake (unpasteurized sake) sold by measure and freshly pressed genshu (sake with no added water), which can only be tasted here. Popular food items include Narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees), sake lees and other items related to Japanese Sake, according to the store. Also sold is a wide-range of items such as limited seasonal sake and original sake drinking sets. They will certainly offer you “a feeling of a little luxury.”

Other Points


Sake sold by measure– only available at a brewery

Selling freshly pressed genshu by measure is something they boast about. Available in three different flavors, their genshu offers elegant umami taste and can be enjoyed in either hiya (cold sake) or atsukan (hot sake). Please try the taste of luxury uniquely and directly available from a sake brewery.


Hakushika Classics Restaurant where sake of choice can be enjoyed

A restaurant offering a wide range of choice sake directly brought from the brewery which boasts a history of over 350 years and a variety of cuisine unique to Hakushika. The dishes offered in the restaurant include a specialty Kasujiru-nabe (hot pot cooked with sake-lees), gluten-free soba noodle made from 100% buckwheat and takikomi-gohan (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients) of the season.

Hakushika Memorial Sake Museum

Address Kurakakecho 8-21 Nishinomiya City View in Map

Opening Hours

No entry after 4:30pm
(If any Tuesday falls on a holiday, then the following Wednesday. If any Tuesday is included in a consecutive holiday period, then the day immediately after such a period.)

A 15 minute-walk from Hanshin Railway Nishinomiya Station