Nihonsakari Rengakan


The facility is directly run by Nihonsakari sake brewery with the theme “Enjoy real Japanese sake.” Modeled after a brick building, many of which existed in the Meiji period, the hall offers tasting of Genshu (fermented sake without water), and accommodates a shop with sake appetizers, Japanese restaurant offering Kaiseki meals (Japanese style course meal) which pair well with sake, and also a glass factory where you can make sake sets. Enabling guests to enjoy the appeal of Japanese sake from many angles, Rengakan attracts many regular customers according to the facility.

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01 Freshly pressed genshu only available here

With the usual Japanese sake, the taste differs depending on the fermentation progress and therefore is adjusted at the final process before being sold. However, freshly pressed genshu is sake before the adjustments are made. With a high 20% alcohol content and no heat treat, you can enjoy a deep flavor. The genshu is sold by measure in this facility and can be bought after 4 different types of tastings. Enjoy the taste of Japanese sake unique to Rengakan adjacent to the sake brewery.

01 A lineup of products related to Japanese sake.

Sold in the shop near the 1st floor entrance, in addition to the daiginjo and junmaiginjo, are products such as the rich, deep flavored, non-heated raw genshu, specially made plum sake, amazake and ponzu (citrus soy sauce). Also popular are the high quality sake lees and kasuzuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees), and natural beauty products. Please ask the staff for more information about limited items as well as their recommendations.

01 Tour of making sake sets and glass factory experience.

Not only showing the production processes of sake sets and tableware to visitors, the factory also offers them to gain glass blowing experience. In the glass blowing class, the staff will teach you how to make a vase or tumbler. You can also experience sand blasting to make designs on the surface of a container. The factory also has a shop selling a variety of glasses so please take the opportunity to visit.

Other Points


Restaurant Hanasakari having been remodeled

Having reopened after remodeling in June 2018, the restaurant is an area where the elderly as well as visitors with infants can spend a comfortable time and enjoy Japanese sake unique to the brewery along with authentic Japanese meals made using carefully selected food materials.

Nihonsakari Rengakan

Address Yogaicho 4-28, Nishinomiya View in Map

Opening Hours

*Last entry time is 8pm (7pm for Sake Corner)
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
*Shop is open on Wednesdays in October through March

A 15-minute walk from Hanshin Railway Nishinomiya Station


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