Hakutaka Rokusuien


Hakutaka Rokusuien is a facility which introduces to the present-day people how the brewery family used to live along with its sake-making business. According to the brewery, the facility was built around the image of the Hakutaka brewery which existed in the same location years ago and that of its founder’s residence which was part of the brewery facility. Look up at the ceiling, you will see a magnificent beam supporting the roof. The facility contains a shop selling souvenirs and other items, a restaurant, bar, a multi-purpose hall and also a number of exhibits consisting of daily life utensils which the brewery family used to use in the period from the late Edo to early Showa era. With a history of over 160 years, it continues to communicate ways to enjoy Japanese sake in the present day life.

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01 “Kurashi-no Tenji-shitsu (Room of Lifestyle Display)” – a precise reproduction of brewer’s life in old days

“Kurashi-no Tenji-shitsu” is a space where the lifestyle of the brewer’s family in old days is precisely reproduced through the display of various items. This include dining tables and a dressing room used in the late Meiji to Taisho period and a number of tools which had been in use in the late Edo to early Showa period. The tools, in particular, are preserved in such an excellent condition that you would not believe they are more than 100 years old. It is obvious that the tools had been used with utmost care throughout the generations. The facility can be described as a precious space that tells you about the tradition and culture of Nada-no sake (sake of the Nada area) through the display of the brewer’s lifestyle in the past.

01 Daiginjo Junmai Gokujo Hakutaka - making everyone say “Perfect!” with admiration

Proudly offered by the brewery, this sake is made by a traditional sake-brewing method called kimoto-zukuri. While many of daiginjo sake have a refreshing aroma and taste, the brewery was particular about brewing this daiginjo to be full-bodied and rich in umami-taste. Intended to be a prefect sake to be drunk during the meal, it matches well with Japanese, western and Chinese cuisines with its rich umami and crisp finish – characteristics typical of sake made by kimotozukuri. It will surely bring out the flavor of the dishes.

01 “Birokuichi” – a shop in Rokusuien with a collection of carefully selected delicacy food items and sake-drinking sets from all over Japan

Based on the concept of “Living with Japanese sake,” the shop offers carefully selected food items, including sake appetizers, condiments and pickled vegetables which are collected not only from the Kansai area but from all around Japan, including Kanazawa, Akita and Hakata. According to the shop, the collection also includes a variety of sake-drinking sets, among which earthen/porcelain ware, such as Arita-yaki, Bizen-yaki and Kutani-yaki, is popular. Take your time and choose from the many items sold there which will make sake drinking more enjoyable and suitable as a souvenir or for yourself.

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Sake of the season is also available.

Also available in the shop are the types of sake limited to each season, such as dry noryo-shu (“cooling down” sake) for summer, matured sake with a flavor of “clear, crisp autumn weather” and sake suitable for a banquet in the wintertime. A variety of sake-related events is held as well.


“Kura” Bar – open only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Next to the shop on the 1st floor is a Japanese atmosphere bar open only on weekends and holidays. Limited sake unique to the brewery can be enjoyed. A standing bar corner where you can do a sake tasting is also available.

Hakutaka Rokusuien

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